Industry Challenges
  • Omni-channel retail transformation
  • Cross channel alignment
  • Internationalization
  • Intense competition
  • Commoditaziation pressures and risks
  • Increasing promotion budgets and decreasing time for “me too” products launch
  • Serving to consumers rapidly changing preferences
  • Shortening product life cycles
  • Plotting a course through a consolidating retail landscape

  • Creating clear vision by an organizational transformation where focus is on leadership, decision making and incentives
  • Repositioning the brand for significant net present value gain
  • Analyzing the competition, value chain and manufacturing process for our consumer products client and creating plans that can restore profitability to its failing product lines
  • Designing sustainable growth models for new products
  • Effectively managing brand portfolios by defining optimal brand and product portfolio roles, winning strategies, investment levels and profit expectations
  • Developing and measuring engagement and loyalty
  • Improving sales with a new growth plan
  • Accelerating brand growth
  • Eliminating the inefficient parts of the supply chain by focusing key areas of our clients
  • Becoming a real partner for retailers by adding value through sophisticated collaboration programs built on shopper insights, integrated supply chains and data sharing
  • Aligning, measuring and providing frontline incentives for perfect sales execution
  • Creating savings by cutting sales costs without sacrificing service
  • Building a culture of continuous cost improvement, implementing correct organization measures to track true cost-to-serve methods in order to decrease it relentlessly over time
  • Creating agile and simple operating models to maximize efficiency of the organizations
  • Creating a talent pipeline to deliver growth expectations

  • Retailers
  • Fast Moving Consumer Products - FMCG
  • Fashion and Sports
  • Luxury and Lifestyle
  • Electronics and Digital Services
  • Furniture and Household Products
  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Durable Goods
  • Consumer Services
  • Food Retailing and Catering
  • Cash & Carry and Wholesale
  • Shopping Malls


Industry Challenges

  • Improving operational efficiency and increasing profitability under increasing economic pressure
  • Increasing demands of innovation and human capital investment.
  • Adapting to new policy frameworks driven by restructuring, deregulation, and corporate consolidation of the industry
  • Declining natural reserves and increased consumption
  • Exploring growth strategies by investing long-term technology development on fossil-fuel alternatives, including nuclear, battery, and wind and water power

  • Developing a corporate investment strategy
  • Defining portfolio and expansion strategies
  • Implementing energy efficiency strategies and new business models
  • Using technology trends to cope with decarbonization requirements
  • Managing performance by using appropriate approaches: cost structure review, process optimization, customer management, supply chain optimization, asset utilization and outsourcing analysis
  • Improving energy trading
  • Addressing IT investments for maximum return
  • Increasing the operational performance of the supply chains
  • Creating strategies to attract innovative leadership and talent
  • Retaining and expanding the customer portfolios

  • Renewable energy - wind, solar, hydro, jeothermal
  • Power generation nuclear and thermal
  • Electric and gas utilities, distribution and marketing
  • Energy efficiency
  • Oil refining, downstream operations and oil retailing
  • Oil and gas pipeline operators
  • Mining and forestry
  • Regulators, industry associations, and nongovernmental organizations
  • Energy & natural resources intense industry players and solution providers


Industry Challenges

  • Responding to growing pressure to get more out of the same or less funding
  • Balancing environmental and economic needs when addessing to climate change
  • Delivering effective and efficient social services to changing populations and demographics
  • Achieving organizational transformation in some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world


We partner with central and local governmental organizations to produce solutions for:
  • Supporting educational organizations
  • Helping with economic and community development
  • Assisting international development entities
  • Tackling environmental sustainability issues
  • Create strategic planning with government agencies
  • Supporting state-owned enterprises
  • Realize economic and social goals
  • Higher education consulting


  • Central Government and e-Government
  • Municipalities and Local Authorities
  • Public and Private Schools and Educational Institutions
  • Environment, & Climate Change
  • Economic Development & Planning
  • Finance & Tax Administration
  • Health and Health Services
  • Customs, Immigration, & Border Security
  • Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Defense & National Security
  • Social Services and Aid Organizations
  • Business and Social Non-Governmental Institutions
  • Social Entrepreneurs and Organizations


Industry Challenges
  • Responding emerging markets’ demands
  • Increasing economic instability resulting in financing difficulties
  • Addressing shortening innovation cycles to maintain product and service advantage
  • Advancing product design and manufacturing processes to offset disadvantages in factor cost
  • Taking necessary actions for social cost associated with the industrials sector like decarbonization
  • Increasing political control of raw materials in emerging markets
  • Coping with governmental interventions

  • Implementing worldwide credited improvement programs in supply chain functions
  • Performance improvement, including manufacturing cost reduction and supply chain management
  • Identifying profit-improvement potential within the supply chain by creating lean operations, optimizing supply chain network, reducing the complexity of sourcing raw materials
  • Identifying growth opportunities and determining execution plans for sustainable competitive advantage in target markets
  • Implementing an innovation strategy for new product development, managing external networks while developing and implementing idea generation and validation processes
  • Developing restructuring options and identifying a unique direction to increase asset utilization and leverages business and product portfolios.

  • Chemicals, Plastics and Rubber
  • Steel and Metal Processing
  • Paper and Wood Products
  • Mechanical Equipment and Machinery
  • Electrical Equipment and Machinery
  • Automotive and Transportation Equipment
  • Logistic Services, Transportation, Custom Brokerage and Warehousing
  • Business Support Services


Industry Challenges

1. Strong link to country macro economic outlook

2. Need for greater productivity and project performance

3. Environmental pollution and sustainability concerns

4. Access to finance and capital

5. Decreasing profitability

6. Increasing demand in skilled workers and shortage

7. Technological adoptation


1. Real Estate Developers

2. Construction Companies

3. Engineering Companies

4. Architects

5. Construction Materials

6. Construction Service Providers


Industry Challenges
  • Increasing market complexity. Companies are pursuing a wide range of business models and value propositions to meet the increased demands of consumers.
  • Choosing the right role to play and the investing the right technologies
  • Sustaining the growth by innovation and capturing higher margins
  • Developing an ecosystem to support the competitive advantage
  • Transferring our brand through the new platforms while protecting our traditional business
  • Targeting the most effective customer segment with correct value proposition and marketing means
  • Redesigning systems to improve customer satisfaction at a reduced cost
  • Funding large investments
  • Organizing to limit complexity, maintaining agility, and driving performance
  • Improving operational cost efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ensuring liquidity and maintain financial strength

Our expert consultants help our clients to:
  • Manage growing complexity in products, processes and the organization.
  • Negotiate a changing landscape with redefined business models
  • Move toward customer-centric solutions
  • Create of strong sales and marketing organizations with improved sales and marketing force effectiveness
  • Coordinate global capabilities and scale with local market knowledge
  • Hunt for profits while competition and costs rise
  • Defend market position with new pricing strategies and excellent customer experience
  • Ride the data surge and improving capacity expansion
  • Anticipate the impact of regulation.
  • Overhaul their cost structure, think through and execute potential changes in capital structure.
  • Scale their organizations and processes to the increased complexity of their market participation.
  • Align strategic imperatives with their new owners, develop and implement plans to improve operational performance.
  • Cope with IT architecture needs and shifts


Industry Challenges
  • Aging of populations
  • Increasing prices of energy resources
  • Increasing supply & demand of products from any global location
  • Concerns about security and the environment
  • New segments of tourism, healthcare and logistics
  • Identifying the right segment to be successful
  • Escalating costs, inconsistent quality, uneven access

  • Leadership, coaching, mentoring and training
  • Strategy and value management
  • Organizational change and human resources
  • Operational performance management
  • Business processes and project
  • Digital transformation and technology
  • Financial management

  • Hotels and Resort Chains
  • Travel Companies
  • Entertainment and Recreational Services
  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Passenger Transportation Companies